Sâmbătă, 19 August, orele 22:00 - 23:30 la Poiana Teioasa

COMA is a Romanian alternative/rock/metal/hardcore band that is having fun in the Romanian rock scene since 1999-2000.

The band formed around 1999, and so far they have released three albums “Somn” (2001), “Nerostitele” (2006) and "Coma Light" (2008). Marching from the very beginning on the idea of DIY the band never expected any help from “outside”. In search of a record deal, Coma faced the problem of being a little hard for Romania in a time when easy dance summer hits were at the top of all charts. They were the first band in the Romanian rock landscape which alternated heavy riffs, profound lyrics and screamed and warm vocals...

Locația: Poiana Teioasa